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[NEW] DIP16 & SMD16 DC/DC Converters for Medical Applications
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◣ New DC/DC Converters for Medical Applications ◥


MPS02  .  MPH02
MPS04  .  MPH04


MPS(H)02 and MPS(H)04 series are designed for medical applications. They have been approved by medical safety EN60601-1 and have the highest level of insulation, 2MOPP, which means they are suitable for each kind of medical applications. For example, X-ray, blood analysis, tomography, vision test machine etc.
◣ Features ◥

■  IEC 60601-1 Safety Approved
■  2/ 4 Watts Output Power
■  2:1 Input Range  |  4.5-12, 9-18, 18-36, 36-75 VDC
■  2MOPP, 8mm Clearance & Creepage
■  5000VAC Isolation Voltage
■  5000m Operating Altitude
■  5 Years Warranty

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MPS02  .  MPH02
MPS04  .  MPH04


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