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[NEW] Surge Suppression Module

SSM series products are surge protection modules. They can clamp input surge voltage to a certain level to protect DC/DC converters and also makes them keep working when input surge occurs. They are designed for protecting DC/DC modules used for railway applications.




Features -


■ Up to 300 Watts
SSM-110008-001: 300 Watts  | 1.6”x 1”x 0.4”
SSM-110004-001: 150 Watts  | 1.6”x 1”x 0.4”
SSM-110P50-001: 20 Watts  | DIP 24
■ Input Range: 43-160 VDC
■ 385 VDC Maximum Peak Voltage



According to standard RIA12, the power modules should stand 385VDC input surge for 20ms. Engineers often use an external circuit to protect the modules. P-DUKE’s SSM series can make

things easier. Save your time and provide excellent protection

RIA12; Railway


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